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Kate Deck, Senior Clerk


The Building & Codes office is responsible for review and issuance of building permits as well as enforcement of the NYS Series of Building Codes and New York State Energy Code Compliance. We review over 900 building permits and associated plans annually comprising $40 Million Dollars (on average) of new construction. Our review is focused on compliance with the NYS Building Code and requires that we annually perform in excess of 6000 on site inspections of projects under construction.

Our office also administers the licensing of mobile home parks, junkyards and the local flood damage protection law. We also respond to nearly 300 complaints a year regarding the suspected violation of these codes as well as uncontrolled disposal of garbage and refuse.

The Fire Marshal's Office locally administers the NYS Fire and Building Codes through plan review and annual and periodic inspection of over 1200 commercial facilities, churches, and schools located in the Town.

Regular inspections help provide a measure of safety to our residents and consumers by ensuring that the minimum requirements of the code are met and maintained in these facilities. The code requirements include such things as maintaining operable, easily accessible fire extinguishers, keeping paths of exit clear and unobstructed, and provisions for working exit signs and emergency lighting.

The Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Marshal, while not formally affiliated with the Town's five volunteer fire companies, regularly communicate, share information and technical assistance with the fire companies. Fire prevention education of local school children also provides another means of cooperating and assisting the fire companies.

Queensbury's incidence of fire loss is measurably low relative to similar communities. Adherence to NYS Fire and Building Code, regular inspection of commercial occupancies and fire prevention education assist in maintaining this level of safety.


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